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Millrite provides a comprehensive range of products to the cereal milling and associates industries. The company possesses a wealth of experience and enthusiasm ensuring only high quality products is supplied incorporating design enhancements to improve performance in line with the exacting demands of the modern miller.



Our Product Ranges

Sieve Clothing

Available in a variety of fiber sizes for a given opening size. A large fiber improves screen life, but decreases screen flow capacity. A smaller fiber will provide greater screening capacity but will wear out faster.

Wire Mesh

Mostly Used in Abrasive Areas
Magnetic stainless steel wire mesh – manufactured to exacting quality standards and possessing high percentage open areas to achieve maximum sieving throughput.

Glue & Spray

FDA Approved
CYANOACRYLATE adhesives designed for bonding wire cloth and synthetic screens to wood or metal frames. It cures instantly and is easy to use. It provides excellent bonding strength, high shear strength and low peel.

Filter Sleeves

Flour Mill & Feed Mill Sleeves
Manufactured from the highest quality anti-static polyester needle felt. Available with fully impregnated hydrophobic & oleo phobic treatments for an advanced level of performance in the most arduous milling conditions.

Connector Sleeves

For Plan-Sifters & Purifiers
Made with High Quality Nylon & Polyester.
Available with or without elasticated ends & supporting rings in all sizes.

Sieve Cleaners

Made of Nylon or Polyurethane.

Fluted Rolls

Fundiciones Balaguer—SPAIN
Proven, highest quality centrifugally cast rolls supplied with or without gudgeons, rough or finished machined, ground parallel ready for fluting or finished fluted /frosted.


Timing Belt

For Roller Mills
We offer high quality toothed / timing /transmission belts & Pullies suitable for all type of roller mills.
Ready Stocks for Buhler & Ocrim Mills.

Brush for Rolls

Ready stocks
Available in technically advanced designs for improved performance and reduced risk of product contamination.

Purifier Covers

Ready Stocks
Standard sizes always in stock and made to order facility available but sample to be provided by client.

Purifier Brush

For Plan-Sifters
Made with PVC base and white natural bristle.
All brush models also available on request.

Turbo Sifter

Ready made or Made to Order Ended with transversal welt tapes, or without them. The efficiency of the sifting of difficult flours, is bigger with a sifter sleeve well made.


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    2014 – 25th IAOM-MEA Conference & Expo. at Capetown.

    2013 – 24th IAOM-MEA Conference & Expo. Sousse. Tunisia

  • 2012 – 23rd IAOM-MEA Conference & Expo. at Abu Dhabi.

    2011 – 22nd IAOM-MEA Conference & Expo. at Amman, Jordan.

    2016 - 27th Annual IAOM Mideast & Africa Conference & Expo

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